Amarte is a premiere luxury skin care line based on Eastern skin care philosophy and Western dermatology. Designed to cleanse, hydrate, and rejuvenate, Amarte protects the skin to bring out the clarity, brilliance, and beauty of every woman. With deference to its Korean heritage and philosophy, Amarte is refined for American preferences, employing Western elements within Eastern structures for a true hybridization and a more thorough skin care experience. Since its debut in Korea in 2001, Amarte has been the leading skin care line in Asia and has been recently launched in the United States, aiming to provide consumers with the most effective, high quality skin care formulations in perfect East-meets-West synergy. All eight products in the Amarte line are tested, approved, and recommended by board-certified dermatologist Dr. Craig Kraffert, President of Amarte.

Amarte celebrates the Korean tradition of taking pleasure in a multi-step skin care ritual. Together, Amarte products create a unique, multifaceted regimen (cleanse, hydrate, rejuvenate and protect) to create an effective skin care system with formulations that marry advanced science and impressive beauty results that exceed current U.S. standards. For maximized purity and skin care benefits, Amarte also uses an innovative airless pump technology. This clever delivery system preserves the natural ingredients and the consistenncy of the formula by ensuring the product is completely dispensed through each use.

Aqua Veil Bottle
Aqua Veil Hydrator
A cucumber-infused, ultra-light serum that optimizes hydration by releasing droplets of pure H²0 onto the skin to form a protective veil. A toner and serum in one, this unique moisturizer gives skin a silky, youthful radiance. Featuring the active botanical extracts of orchid, lily, mallow, elderberry, English ivy, sunflower, and pellitory-of-the-wall and the multi-tasking ActivElement® elemental sulfur, skin is left visibly brighter and calmer.

BB Cream Natural Bottle
Natural Finish BB Cream
This finely pigmented moisturizing face tint comes in blight and natural shades to brighten, softly conceals and protects with Broad Spectrum SPF 36, and provides uniform coverage without caking or flaking for a long lasting, natural glow. Formulated with refined particles of titanium dioxide, rare argan oil, elemental sulfur and caviar extracts, the BB cream brightens, hydrates, heals and exfoliates the skin.

DWCF bottle
Daily Wonder Cleansing Foam
A whipped-to-perfection cleanser made to refresh and pamper all skin types, including oily and acne-prone complexions. Formulated with a custom blend of natural antioxidants (lavender and chamomile) and the botanical ActivElement® allatonin, the creamy lather lifts away impurities, protects against external factors, brightens, soothes, rejuvenates and exfoliates skin, preparing it for hydration.

Eyeconic 3
Eyeconic Eye Cream
An anti-wrinkle rejuvenator that delivers the highest levels of enhanced, stability pure retinol, ActivExtracts®, and ActivElements® to give vitality and resiliency to the eye area. The sophisticated, yet mild Korean formula deeply penetrates wrinkles without irritation, while the argan oil and Ginkgo nut extracts nourish, protect, and condition the skin for optimal hydration and elasticity.

Hydro Lift Bottle
Hydrolift Cream
Strong enough to help reduce wrinkles and aging lines, but gentle enough to hydrate and replenish the skin at any age. The silky formula protects, while retinol and adenine fight to alleviate the signs of wrinkles. Filled with caviar extracts and acacia collagens, this unique formula makes the skin brighter.