BAYFashion 2013 Music Fashion Issue

Music and Fashion, its like a dream marriage that has gone on forever!

Sometimes its disastrous, sometimes its a honeymoon, but there is never a dull momemnt.. And there is no divorce. Its a love that has lasted through the ages and stood the stress of time.As far as I can look back in the past, music icons have set fashion trends that have been followed by millions.

In this issue we profile some music icons, some fashion designers who focused their fashion on music, upcoming music bands that define fashion for a whole generation and mix it with fashion editorials shot in the theme of music.

We are taking a risk with our cover this month and diverging from soft beautiful faces to showcase Far * East Movement shot against one of the most beautiful street murals I have yet seen in SOMA (San Francisco). This band loves San Francisco as their second home and their success signifies the coming of age for the Asian American youth in the mainstream music scene. They are also very fashionable and have very specific looks that are unique and classy with a pop-star funk. Best of all, these guys are cool and we identify with the passion we share together i.e ‘Reaching for the Sky’.

Of course we have not forgotten about our loyal readers… You will find all the regular columns, street fashion, socialie style guide, coverage of major shows, love etc and a lot of beauty tips for our fashionista’s and fans. Don’t forget to check out the new face of the month Johanna Wischmann, we believe she is going to be a major model coming out of the Bay Area. Enjoy the issue.

Make sure you pick up a Glossy printed copy from a store near you… CLICK HERE for a map of the locations you can find the magazine