Astrology in December



When the god Mercury was born, the first thing he did was steal his brother Apollo’s cattle, and walk them backwards just to confuse everyone!

The trickster Mercury turns retrograde December 3 through December 22. It seems that the planet is going backwards in relation to the earth. During this time, anything related to communications
Mercury’s domain – can go haywire. Electronic malfunctions are common, such as computers crashing. E-mails, messages, texts, memos are missed. Communications and directions are not properly understood.

Plans are delayed, often because you are waiting to hear back from someone. Anything started during this time can turn out screwy or strange. It is not a favorable time to send out important communications. Starting a trip during this time is not advised. If you must travel, give yourself extra time to account for screw-ups, such as your luggage not arriving.

When you drive in your car, it seems that detours spring up, and traffic appears worse than normal. Auto malfunctions are not uncommon. GPS systems can mislead you.

Mercury goes retrograde 3 times during the year, for 3 weeks at a time. Often, it seems like the effect of Mercury retrograde begins two weeks before it starts! Geminis and Virgos – you are especially impacted by Mercury retrograde – because Mercury rules your Sun Sign!


The first two rules of thumb to remember – be flexible, and keep things simple! The trickster thrives on making things complicated. Don’t try to outsmart Mercury with complex plans and solutions – take the path of least resistance! Let go of your plans if necessary – allow them to change.

If you are a Gemini or a Virgo, you are actually at an advantage here – because by nature you tend to be more flexible and adaptable than most people.

Give yourself extra time when making any kinds of plans!

You can thrive under Mercury retrograde by performing the following kinds of activities – do anything that begins with the letters “re”.

Relax, recuperate, reconnoiter, reconsider, redo, regroup, respond, reflect, rehearse, rehash, reprogram, reaffirm, readjust, rekindle, re-inspire, reread, resupply, redirect, reintroduce, reformulate, etc.

Mercury retrograde is a great time to finish whatever you have started! Want to find an old friend on Facebook? – perfect.

If you happen to be one of the rare people who were born while Mercury was retrograde – you should be able to thrive during this time while most people are being driven to distraction with frustration! An astrologer can tell you if you were born under Mercury Retrograde.

Allow for the crazy slip-ups to occur – like you can’t find your keys – and don’t get too clever trying to make things work out. Mercury retrograde is a trip – Bon Voyage!