FSHN Magazine is proud to premiere the new song from musician and visual artist Young & Sick, a project by LA-based, Dutch artist Nick van Hofwegen. The song is a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 classic “Dreams,” a song taken from Young & Sick’s new EP, which will see a release early 2018. You may pre-order the 7" vinyl here.
“Dreams” follows last month’s release of track “Ojai,” a song written in the California town and deriving influence from Nick’s travels across small town United States.

We had the chance to sit down with Young & Sick to speak more about his work as a musician, the various emotions behind his craft, and how he hopes to connect with his listeners. See the interview below.

FSHN- What inspires you to write music?
NvH- Life is where I find the inspiration. I start with a relaxing bike ride, social experiences and then out of nowhere a creative moment arrives as if downloaded to me from an unknown place all at once. I feel it and I see it. This is what my music is, like a translation of what I see in front of me; during my most relaxed state of mind after spending time in nature hiking or biking.

FSHN- Was it always like this for you when designing and creating different forms of art?
NvH- Yes and No. I always felt it and saw it, but there was a time when I was not free to express it, as I am free to do it now. There were times I needed to please those that gave me a chance to begin my journey into being a musician. It was a necessary step to get to where I am now. I have no regrets and I took lessons from it, to appreciate my freedom of expression now, and my ability to choose how I express emotions in my art and music.

FSHN- What do you hope to bring into your fans’ lives though your music?
NvH- I want for everyone that listens to my music to hear that they have a friend and that they are never alone, and that life is beautiful by their making of it. I want them to feel peace, to be inspired as I am by life experiences that created this rich vision I am communicating through my music and other visual designs. I want them to know and believe that dreams are made to guide us in life and support us during that journey. They are the support for the dreams I strive to make reality every day. I want to make my listener see how we find ourselves in simple tasks such as bike riding or hiking. We are one with emotions that nature stimulates in us once we relax. When we relax we are at the peak of our performance as a person and as artist. I had a dream and I’m following this dream, and I hope that others can too if they follow it with passion and faith.

FSHN- From listening to the work of Young & Sick, I have been inspired by the belief in creating a life of our own design with power and strength from within.
Nick’s journey to become all he has hoped for and not giving into a fear of failure, but rather focusing on on taking small steps forward, is a truly wonderful story to embrace. I hope that others will choose this as their path to fulfill their own Dreams, even if life takes them temporarily to Ojai.