There are artists, then there are legends, the latter represents this multi-talented pioneer who is not only considered one of the biggest and longest running DJ’s in the world, but he has also been called one of the Godfathers of electronic music, a pioneer to many and a legend in the World of Electronic Dance Music. He has opened for Madonna and U2 to name a few, one of the only DJ’s to headline Coachella’s early years and almost every other festival and club in the world – including a long held residency at The Palms in Las Vegas. He has scored some of Hollywood’s biggest feature films including Swordfish, which starred John Travolta, Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman. If you have not guessed by now, I am talking about superstar DJ and producer Paul Oakenfold, who just celebrated twenty-five years with his record label Perfecto. If that is not enough, he just launched his own tequila brand called, “Perfectomundo” and inked a new partnership with Fox TV and TV4 Entertainment to create and broadcast a new event the “Electronic Music Awards & Foundation” show. The show will air Saturday, April 23, 2016 at 8 p.m. on the network, becoming the first of its kind, an awards show dedicated solely to celebrating electronic dance artists, the industry and the early trailblazers of EDM, which he hopes will further the reach of the genre in the U.S. and worldwide.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with this amazing artist and friend and chat about his accomplishments, electronic dance music, the new awards show and why there is no slowing down for him…

Sason Bishope Parry: Hi mate, how are you?
Paul Oakenfold: Doing well mate, couldn’t be better, thanks!

SBP: For most Paul Oakenfold doesn’t need an introduction, but for those that have been living in a closet, how would you describe you?
PO: A producer, DJ, and music lover for life.

SBP: You are one of the biggest DJ’s in the World, does that title get old?
PO: That title doesn’t bother me, to be honest, I’ve been doing this a long time.

SBP: You’re a pioneer of EDM and many call you a Godfather, how long has it been?
PO: Many years. Not sure of the exact amount to be honest, but more than twenty years and more to come.

SBP: Perfecto just celebrated twenty-five years, is it still as exciting as when you first started?
PO: We are approaching our twenty-sixth year now with my label, Perfecto Records and have gone through many stages but still enjoying every minute. When I started it, I just wanted to release good dance music including my own, then it just took off. I would have never expected how big it has gotten and still room to grow.

SBP: Electronic music has exploded in the US, do you see it getting bigger?
PO: I think it’ll only get bigger. England has been going for more than 25 years, so it’s just starting here in my opinion and will continue to grow.

SBP: DJ’s have become rock stars, but it seems that now there is also a shift towards live EDM acts, do you see live being the next big thing for EDM?
PO: I think it’s still heavily DJ-driven and so many new DJ’s on the rise.

SBP: You just announced a partnership with FOX TV for a new all EDM awards show, that must be exciting?
PO: Yes, very excited and well overdue for the whole community. Will be nice to give recognition to all the artists and others that continue to push the music. Electronic music is the biggest music in the World right now and this will only make it bigger with more credibility.

SBP: How did the awards show come about and what can we expect?
PO: The awards show is an umbrella for all aspects of electronic music to come together under one roof. Well overdue. It’s great that FOX is broadcasting it in the US and it will also be broadcast around the world which is huge. Very exciting time.

SBP: Will the awards show be an annual event and is there plans to grow it?
PO: Yes, it will be annual and yes it will grow

SBP: Will you be performing on the awards show, hosting or just behind the scenes?
PO: Behind the scenes mainly. I’ve just been brought on as an Executive Producer

SBP: You live an amazing life, traveling all over the World, do you ever want to stop?
PO: No, I really enjoy traveling and being all over the place. Never gets old for me

SBP: With so much going on how do you still find time to tour and make new music?
PO: I’ve cut down on the DJing now actually for a bit. I only play 3 weekends a month and I will always make and put out music as long as I can.

SBP: What do you say to those naysayers that say you’re not as relevant anymore?
PO: I don’t really pay attention to that, I’m too busy winning. 🙂

SBP: What’s next for Paul Oakenfold?
PO: Perfectomundo tequila is on its way. It’s my new tequila brand! Try it, you may like it!

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