Paloma RushSome people have it all, great looks, great ambition and great talent. Paloma Rush is one of those elite few, but the singer/songwriter spent years in classical training to perfect her incredible chops. While growing up in Monterey, California, she was in and out of music projects including being a member of Bay Area-based EDM act the PJAYZ who went on to have moderate success with their debut EP and playing big festivals like the Vans Warped Tour before breaking up. Her talents did not go unnoticed as she was tapped to be the DJ for pop star Natalia Kills, touring nationally and growing her recognition. To get the musical recognition Paloma desired, she felt she needed to move to the City of Angels, La La Land, where she changed her name and started on a serious path towards her solo career – Meet PALOMA RUSH.

Currently, she has teamed up with two-time Emmy-winning producer/composer Lars Deutsch, and both are working on her debut album. Their sound is a blend of pop, electronic and R&B with a live show that can include her playing acoustic trio or with a full band. Recently the new pair released Paloma’s debut song and sexy music video “Drive” in October 2016 to great reviews and feedback. Her next single “Roller Skates” is scheduled to be released in May. Paloma hopes it will help revive the roller-skating trend with its catchy pop lyrics and theme. FSHN readers get the 1st sneak peek here!

Scroll down to listen to the exclusive clip of “Roller Skates” …

She has played shows alongside The Far East Movement, Natalia Kills, and many others. She handles all of her own marketing and social sites, working in the trenches one-on-one with music lovers, as she feels this will help build a stronger fan base. Her songs have been featured on MTV’s Real World, Bones, Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s, Bad Girls Club, and recently, So Cosmo. With a gifted voice, good songs and her drive and determination, we should see great things to come from Paloma Rush as she continues to dream big and strives for greatness.

I recently had the chance to sit down and vibe with classically trained Singer/Songwriter Paloma Rush and learn more about her inspirations and aspirations in music and beyond…

Sason Bishope Parry: How has life been treating you?
Paloma Rush: Great. A lot of work, but I have been listening to some great remixes of my last single “Drive,” and I cannot wait to release our next single “Roller Skates.” So, exciting times.

Listen to the exclusive teaser Catherine Duc Rush Hour Remix of “Drive” now:


SBP: You used to live in the Bay Area, but recently made a move to Los Angeles. Where did you grow up?
PR: I was born in Monterey, California. We moved to Mexico when I was seven. At age 15 I came back to graduate Monterey High and continue onto UC Santa Cruz. After UC Santa Cruz, I moved to San Jose for music. I moved to LA to play in the big league.

SBP: Tell us who Paloma Ramos and Paloma Rush are?
PR: Paloma Ramos is my given name, and I’m very proud of the name Ramos. But Rush has a bit more, “Pizazz.”

SBP: When did you get into music?
PR: Started singing at age four, vocal and piano lessons at age five, addicted at age 12. You never saw me far from the theater arts or music department growing up. I tried to play the flute, that didn’t work out so well. I liked to play the drums then and still do, but I just dabble. The piano lessons stuck, though. My voice, however, is my primary instrument.

SBP: Do you play any instruments? Do you write your own songs and lyrics?
PR: Yes, piano. And yes, I write my own lyrics. I sometimes co-write with other songwriters, currently with my producer. I like to have a handle in the message of the song and how it’s delivered. Creative writing was my favorite subject in school.

SBP: You have a great voice, have you had any training? What’s your practice and workout routine? Any vocal secrets to share?
PR: Trained classically! Once you truly know how your voice works and how powerful it can be, it’s true freedom. I love the classical sound, opera, and musical theater. After you learn real technique, you can stylize your vocals for a pop record.

SBP: Do you have any other talents or dreams you are trying to achieve?
PR: I’d like to get better at snowboarding. I’d also play more tennis, rollerblade, and hike more. As far as any other dreams, heck yeah. Acting in a movie or TV show would be amazing. And I’d love to be a guest on “Saturday Night Live.”

SBP: Did you go to college? If you weren’t making music what would you be doing?
PR: I did. I studied psychology at the University of California, Santa Cruz. I also spent a lot of time in the music department learning how to sing opera. I’m fascinated by the human mind, and I still read all kinds of books on psychology. If I weren’t making music, I would have pursued a professional sport, become a language translator or pursue voice acting.

SBP: You used to be in an EDM style band, the PJayz and had some breakout success, what happened to that project?
PR: Between different ideas and us being young this did not work out as well as it could have. A lot of people heard our songs, though.

SBP: Are you a solo act now or do you perform with a band?
PR: It is my name on the poster, but creatively it’s a partnership. I co-write all songs on this project with two-time Emmy-winning producer, Lars Deutsch. We also have a great band to play the songs live and a booking manager who is also doing a great job.

SBP: What’s the best song you’ve ever written and what’s it about?
PR: We wrote this catchy song about roller skates. It’s got ridiculously catchy lyrics and melody. I’m rather proud of myself. It’s getting released next month.

SBP: You just released your new single “Drive,” which has an excellent music video as well. What’s the reaction been and what’s the song about?
PR: With that song, I wanted to establish myself as a serious artist, with a serious song. Reactions to the videos have been great. Special thanks to Steffen, Alex, Tor, and Lars for getting that video so clean and polished.

SBP: What style of music do you consider yourself?
PR: Weird shit Lars and Paloma write.

SBP: Are you currently signed to a record company?
PR: I have a deal with Built to Last Music. We are re-open to the right partner/label, but as you can see, we can do great stuff on our own too.

SBP: Social media is huge for marketing, what do you use for exposure? Do you handle your own marketing?
PR: YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, you name it. I handle most of my own marketing, and it’s a full-time job. Lars helps a ton with it too. So do a number of his and my people.

SBP: Is it hard to be an aspiring attractive female singer in Los Angeles?
PR: On one hand, it’s a world of opportunity, and on the other, I watch very closely what people’s motivations are. Singing is my life. I live for music and writing songs. So, I need to set boundaries at times.

SBP: What’s the biggest gig you’ve ever played?
PR: I sang my original music at a show at the Grand Regency Ballroom in SF for a huge event. So much fun. But I played much bigger stages on tour with Natalia and Robyn.

SBP: You used to be a background singer on tour for some prominent artists, tell us about that?
PR: Not a background singer, but a DJ. I toured with Natalia Kills and Robyn. Nationwide and Canada. Being the DJ for such an electric act was exciting.

SBP: Do you have any musical heroes and artists that inspire you?
PR: Kurt Cobain for his rawness. Jim Morrison for his trippy lyrics. Alanis Morissette for her strength. Sarah McLachlan for her voice. Madonna for her brazenness. Gwen Stefani for her style. Green Day for their songwriting. Red Hot Chili Peppers for their Cali swag. Sublime for being my college go-to. Dr. Dre for his beats that I used to flow to in high school with my friends. Mariah Carey for being one of the first singers I ever loved. Michael Jackson for his mastery. Steel Pulse and Common Kings for their vibe and most recently, Bishop Briggs, 21 Pilots, and Halsey.

SBP: Tell us something personal about yourself that nobody knows?
PR: I love dogs. I will pet your dog on the street if it’s cute. I may squeal and take a long while to pet it. They’re just so freaking cute!

SBP: Do you have any signature style or fashion look?
PR: I like a lot of retro things, shiny things, fancy things meet urban things.

SBP: What’s next for Paloma Rush?
PR: The release of “Roller Skates” single and video, then the album, and then Pinky, the world.

Listen to the FSHN exclusive teaser of Paloma’s newest single “Roller Skates,” which will drop in May 2017:


Learn more on Paloma Rush here:   Website  |  Facebook