Antonio Marras Collection Spring/Summer 2015 in Milan

At Antonio Marras it’s often a question of poetics with references to cinematographers or artists.At Antonio Marras it’s often a question of poetics with references to cinematographers or artists. For his summer collection, the designer was inspired by the work of Carol Rama the Italian “Louise Bourgeois” who he had the chance to meet. Her eccentricity and energy was brought to life with a combination of stripes, flowers, embroidery, colours and prints. There was lots of volume and the materials thanks to their rigidity were ultra-light. The accessories reinforced the silhouette, with colourful platform shoes and sculptural jewellery. Dresses featured pleats and were decorated with polka dots, flowers were appliquéd in relief all giving a certain sensuality. Once again, the magic of the show took over and we were blown away with the work that was shown before us with the know-how of the Italian designer who showed both talent and control. Interview: Antonio Marras: I decided to pay a grand homage to Carol Rama, there’s also going to be a big exhibition in Paris, and I took elements from her work that inspired me. And I really started to take the elements from her work that were the polka dots, the hands, the roses and I started to create a mood board, and from the collages I took those pieces and worked with them for the cuts of the dresses but made me think of the prints. There are many different printed elements that are also on the catwalk. As well as a very patent side to the shoes and on the bags which are very very important. There’s a mix between stripes and flowers and after there’s a part called “laboratorio” which is completely handmade, especially for us in Sardaigne, where we worked on the pleats, but there’s a fun element with the outfits that have stitching over the prints, under the see through fabrics to really give a lightness and a great elegance to the clothes.