Andy Favreau – transitions leading to “Champions” (March 8th Series Premiere)

Andy Favreau – transitions from memorable arcs on “The Mick,” “Animal Kingdom,” and “Aquarius” into Mindy Kaling’s anticipated NBC mid-season comedy, “Champions” (March 8th Series Premiere)

No need to wonder why he could do this.

My interview with Andy was not only authentic, kind and sincere but filled with gratitude for where he is now in his life and his career.
I asked him how he keeps his mind body and soul in life-ready shape and here is what he said about his body: “I try to work out on a regular basis. I split my workouts between boxing for cardio and going to the gym to lift weights. Boxing keeps it fun and that’s really what you need to motivate in order to keep going. Otherwise, the routine can become pretty boring.
Eating healthy is always the biggest challenge. I love deserts. And I always crave them at the worst times like right before bed. I don’t cut them out completely but everything in moderation is a good rule of thumb. I also try to cook myself a healthy breakfast every morning to start the day off right…Egg whites, avocado, Ezekiel toast are the usual.
Eating healthy becomes harder on set because there is so much at your disposal so you gotta learn to just ignore the giant chocolate cake at the end of the catering line and just pretend it’s not there!”
When it comes to his mind, it is now focused on techniques for remembering lines and Andy takes training in that discipline.
No wonder he can be releasing so many works so close together. Andy truly is uprising star by example.
Next, he stars in the NBC comedy series, “Champions,” starring opposite Anders Holm (“Workaholics”). Intended for a March 8th launch, the show is produced by Mindy Kaling who will appear in a recurring arc. Favreau also just starred opposite Jason Biggs in Freeform’s original Holiday telefilm, “Angry Angel,” which will be followed by a coveted guest star role on “Will & Grace” airing March 1st.