The Amanda Wakeley concept of Lifestyle Luxury is depicted through a series of images of Kathryn across a global advertising campaign. Shot by Emma Tempest and styled by Cathy Kasterine these visuals convey the essence of the Wakeley Woman.

Through her company Decoded, Kathryn has made it her mission to demystify technology once and for all. She has revolutionised the approach to code and the role of women within the tech world, and has campaigned for the Government to include coding in the National Curriculum. She is the perfect embodiment of the concept of the empowered and confident Wakeley Woman in both her professional and personal outlook.

Kathryn Parsons:
“The clothes you wear, the fabrics, the cuts and how it makes you feel, the impression it makes on the world, the character you want to be for that day, it’s a human expression of creativity that everybody has a level of interest in.”

Amanda Wakeley:
“I use real women for my campaigns and I like to think it’s my point of difference. For the last campaign I used Ella Woodward of Deliciously Ella, and I thought it would be fun and current to use someone in tech. Kathryn believes so passionately in what she does that she’s prepared to shout about it and share it, and I always like to use women who are passionate about what they do. It feels very modern, right and inclusive.”

Look 1:
Alpacca Camel Coat, Black Cashmere Cold Shoulder top, Black Suede Jogging Pants and Double Wrap Cocco Belt

Look 2:
Black Cashmere Cold Shoulder top and Black Suede Jogging Pants

Look 3:
Black Cashmere Cold Shoulder top, Shearling Bomber Jacket and Black Suede Jogging Pants

Look 4:
Cashmere Oversized Polo Neck Contrast Stripe Jumper, Redford Black Bag and Leather Jogging Pants

Look 5:
Khaki Sleeveless Knit Sweater, Mini Khaki Newman

Look 6:
Pin Stripes Blouse & Pants, Sinai Fluro Shirt and Python Midnight Newman Bag

Look 7:
Techno Satin Pearl Dress and Beatty Clutch

Look 8:
Velvet Sleeveless Jacket, Velvet Wide Leg Pant, Black Mini Newman bag, Chunky Chain and Black Leather Belt