Alexis Mabille Haute Couture Collection Autumn Winter 2014-15

Alexis Mabille-Haute Couture Collection Autumn/ Winter 2014/15 (with interview)

In the adjoining rooms of the Hotel d’Evreux in Place Vendome, Alexis Mabille unveils a haute couture collection where lace both adorns and reveals the body… In the adjoining rooms of the Hotel d’Evreux, Alexis Mabille unveils an haute couture collection where lace both adorns and reveals the body, whether it be in a black tie dress or a trouser suit. The designer devotes himself to feminizing certain pieces that originate in the masculine wardrobe, like the fitted taffeta shirt, or for an evening version, a dress with slit sleeves and a shirt front with Chantilly ruffles. A corset under a velvet silk emerald belted sheath dress and another gown with a blood red quilted bustier and cape radiate a sensuality that makes this haute couture extremely desirable. Interview: Alex Mabille: All of this modernity is also here to relax the couture, by perhaps putting a belt on a dress or a bodysuit with a big taffeta skirt, and that’s it. And actually today, haute couture clients are much cooler. I think people need coolness and sensuality, that’s why some robes are very nude, very worked, with lace, like the black tie dress which is completely hand-made in lace and took three weeks of work which we didn’t realise at first, and made us nearly hysterical. You don’t realize it’s a man’s shirt, it’s transparent and chic, with a belt, and that’s perfect. In this collection there isn’t one theme, it is built more like a wardrobe, with a little black sheath dress and a little bit of lace, and a little trouser suit. Working it more as a base for a wardrobe where you come to have fun afterwards.