A Seasonless Summer

It’s a busy, early summer evening on Powell Street as tourists and San Franciscans alike bustle around the city near the shopping centers and BART station. It is easy to tell the tourists apart from the true city-goers, as the tourists are ill-prepared for the crisp San Francisco night air.

On a midsummer night in any other city, you would expect to see women in sundresses and sandals and men in shorts and t-shirts–not in San Francisco. Here, there is basically no “seasonal” attire. Here, there is an eclectic mix of women in maxi skirts and denim jackets to women in dark-colored pea-coats and knee-high boots. Men don casual jeans and sneakers rather than the summer uniform of cut-offs and flip-flops that is so common elsewhere in the US.

Fashion knows no season in San Francisco, with its happy marriage of dark coats and bright accessories, brown boots, leather jackets, and flowing skirts. There is truly something to be said about the symbiosis between cold and warm weather ensembles in this season-less city. Despite the changing of months, Autumn and Winter-chic clothes and shoes make their appearance throughout the San Francisco summer. Here, there are no fashion season rules–faux-pas do not exist in the city where fashionistas are free to where whatever they please, whenever they please.