A man wearing Gottlich jacket feels like God


What a fabulous premise of promise for any women to have, all you would need was a Gotlish jacket to turn your man into everything you want.

But wait this is the man that wants to feel empowered and in the comfort of it, which was the reason for creating the most fantastic fit for man to look and feels like God in it. FSHN Magazine went on to interview the creator of this progressive approach of comfort and elegance for man to embrace every day. We spoke with its creator Harsha Kasey from India as he could not return to Singapore which is his home base to learn the steps it took to have comfort, looks and confidence when wearing Maxim Air jacket. Some of the reasons are here;

  • Made from all-natural materials including sustainably grown Austrian Beech Tree Fabric
  • Magnetic closure is futuristic, super quick & easy to use, you won’t want to use buttons ever again
  • Infused with antibacterial silver ions to keep the wearer odor free all day
  • Custom blended materials are designed to give a smooth and silky feel
  • Naturally porous allowing free airflow at a molecular level
  • Woven, not knitted, which makes it look far more luxurious and feels better on the skin
  • Innovative 360-degree rotational lapels that beautifully conceal the reversible nature
  • Sleeve Monogram – For the first time ever, a blazer has your name permanently embedded on your arm subtly but elegantly for everyone to see
  • Blend fabric wicks moisture/sweat away from the body, keeping the wearer cool & dry resulting in a soothing effect on the skin.

FSHN- How did you get started at finding forms and likes of what you wanted to become of a man’s jacket?

M- I looked around and saw what I felt, other man were not comfortable too in a suit and looked for ways to find comfort by taking it off then loosing the elegance of everyday experience. Most of them were buying expensive jackets to wear with jeans in hope that they will be more allowing to move in them during the day, but same problem was present even in sports jackets- too much form that restricted movement of the arms and back.

I then chose the forms of Dior, Luis Vuitton, Tom Ford, Ferragamo Ralph Lauren, Indichino and EX Suit luxury lines of men wear. Then I put my fascination with Apple product streamline into my vision of a new jacket form. I then started the process by removing shoulder pads but kept the shoulder clean lines that followed the creases of movement body made to assure that shoulders had room to accommodate the muscle mass in action.

FSHN- what was your next step of needs for an elegant yet comfortable jacket to wear all day?

HK- I needed the jacket to breathe for me as the climate can be humid outside and cold from AC inside. That is when the search for fabrics took off and we found 50% higher breathing fabric then cotton is! This a nanotechnology with use of 65% of beech trees pulp that takes 6-8 month to make and 5% elastin with 30% microfibers.

FSHN-Did your previous business travel for Biofuel plant you founded had any impact on the design of the perfect man’s jacket?

HK- Absolutely it id i like to travel light but have different look for meetings as it makes me feel fresh each time I have different look. This lead to reversible form jacket with one side fabric with checkers and the other plain one shade to go with other prints or coloured patterns in shirts and pants. This is a great space saver for overnight travel or multiple in one-day meetings that require a flight with carrying onboard limited size luggage.

FSHN- What do consider the Midas touch of your design ?

HK- Funny that you ask since monogram matters to me and I placed them on both reversible sides to make sure that reminder is there how being elegant matters and that personal appearance matter for being distinct among others, as you individually matter too.

FSHN- Given you have taken so much care into this design how affordable are the jackets?

HK- the quality is one of BeSpoke but the price is accessible to the larger group. I kept the price below normal profit to expose this choice to more than few. I keep at $200 per jacket and i hope we will see now more well-dressed man that feel like gods and women find them alluring by the elegance they see.