by Stacey Camacho

Removing Unwanted Hair
Winter is the time This is very important that is if you want to wear a swim suit, dresses, skirts, tops etc., and unwanted hair is just not that attractive, so eradicate the hair. When it is winter, we tend to not pay much attention in waxing our bikini line, armpits, legs and so forth.

Attain a rejuvenating facial, so you can put your best face forward.A facial is always an excellent way to be pampered while your skin is being hydrated from the dryness of the cold weather. Book your appointment with your esthetician to receive a hydrating facial to restore moisture into your complexion. Like facials, there are many different types of body wraps. For example, a body wrap can reduce cellulite, restore elasticity into the skin – so an anti-aging body wrap, exfoliating the skin while it works its magic. It is really a two-in-one. Who doesn’t love to be pampered while having your skin well taken care of?

Exfoliate Your Skin
Exfoliating your skin during and especially afterwards is an absolute MUST. Why? It’s simple. Exfoliating your skin not only removes dead skin, it also helps to reduce fine lines, yes, this means younger-looking skin! Plus, it removes any dry patches on the skin, such as elbows and knees. Let’s not forget the lips. Lips are super dry in the winter, so it is essential to exfoliate them to ensure soft, smooth, kissable lips.

Use a Lighter Moisturizer
A heavy moisturizer is essential to use in the winter, however in the spring and summer it just isn’t necessary, as the skin doesn’t become as dry due to the cold air. Although, your skin does dry out from being in the sun, especially when skin has been burned. Regardless, skin doesn’t dry out quite as much at least not to the point the a heavy formula is required. In the spring and summer a lighter moisturizer. Moreover, a heavy moisturizer will only clog the pores, whereas, a lighter moisturizer will not.

Scrub Your Feet
Let’s not forget about the feet. After all, feet are just as important as the rest of the body. A foot scrub. Whether you scrub off the rough patches yourself with a foot scrub or you book an appointment for a pedicure, either way, the roughness of your feet will be eliminated, so your feet will look sexy when you wear open toe pumps, sandals, etc.

A self-tan is excellent to deliver a radiance glow, as well as a sun kiss glow, which makes this a good quick fix. To prolong the tan, make sure to remember to always moisturize your skin on a daily basis. A tan, whether it has been distributed by the sun or it’s a faux tan, it dries out the skin causing it to not last as long. Moisturizing your tan will ensure an additional week, two weeks tops than usual. After all, you don’t want your tan to fade away, do you? Which will happen if it isn’t moisturized. For best results with your self-tanner, shave unwanted hair, exfoliate, apply, moisturize. This way, your tanner will not sit on any hair or dead skin causing unevenness of the tan. A sun kiss glow is always appealing in spring. It brings colour back into your complexion. In the winter, our complexion really lightens up to the point where we look pale, so why not bring the colour back?