PRLE- androgynous designs for present mode

written by Lauren Farnoosh

If you haven’t already been catching all the buzz on up and coming androgynous menswear label, PRLE, please be prepared to be hearing a lot more about them over the next few months. For their Spring/Summer 18 collection, PRLE reimagined 70’s Americana mixed with timeless sportswear vibes by pairing elements such as cowboy inspired corduroy jackets and pants with New Balance sneakers. Now, for their FW18 collection, PRLE is adding more 90’s flavor to the mix with ruffled collars, flared sleeves, flannel button-downs, and hoodies. You can see more and shop their product by heading over to their website; http//

1. From Vogue to Hypebeast and Highsnobiety, you have been getting a lot of press and praise over your brand; how does that recognition feel?
Really great! And a bit weird!
I’ve been following those media/platforms since 10+ years, and now seeing my own stuff there is a bit surreal.

2. When and how did you start PRLE?
I started the company in 2013. But my official debut was for s/s 17.
There was a long process at the beginning when just figuring out the business, shaping my aesthetics and purpose for the brand.

3. What was your motivation behind designing this collection of clothing?
Was it something you always had a passion for?

Yes, I knew this is what I wanted to do since I was quite young.
However, it took me some time to realize it was actually pursuable and that I would grow up to be miserable if I didn’t give it a whole-heartedly attempt.

4. Do you have a specific person in mind when designing, and if so who are they?
Not one specific person, but for each collection, I build up a fictional character that I use as inspiration.
Usually, a character that reflects on my own self-growth, with attributes I find interesting, inspirational or that I wish I had more of myself.

5. Do you see Swedish fashion designers influencing the rest of the fashion world? And if so in what way?
I’m sure. I think everybody’s influencing everybody.

6. In regards to streetwear taking over the fashion industry, do you see it being another passing trend or more of a revolution that will continue to progress in our modern society?
I guess there will always be streetwear brands doing strictly streetwear, but I think it’s all becoming more and more integrated and will continue to do so.

7. What are some of your major creative influences? How do they influence you and what you create?
The whole seventies aesthetics has always been a great inspiration to me. Since I didn’t live to experience it, I can allow myself to just cherry-pick the best parts.
And people. People who are different and don’t conform to what other people think.

8. How much do you pay attention to trends and pop culture? How much of a factor is that for you when designing?
I don’t design according to trends. I’m always trying to create something new and make clothing that communicates my vision and values.
With that said I’m definitely affected by it subconsciously by just staying up to date on what’s going on.

9. Who are some of your favorite designers? Is there anyone who really influences you in particular?
Gosha Rubchinskiy, if I should mention one specifically.

10. What advice do you have for young designers who want to start their own label?
Start small. It’s really expensive.