$210.81 Billion markets to be healthy, wealthy and fabulous.

Alternative health and complementary market to be worth $210.81 Billion in 2026

How did we arrive at the decision to turn back to nature for our strength and healthy joyful life?

Do you remember the phenomena of Oprah Winfrey show with 35 Million viewers as highest ever recorded? Think again today Dr Nandi show has over 85 Million viewers and climbing due to his content on alternative health, complementary treatments and food suggestions for specific conditions.

Our direction of focus has been turned away from pharmaceuticals after repeated failures of promised cures. More and more chronic patients fear escalated doses of diabetic insulin just to maintain safe levels of glucose as a means to stay alive. They have come to feel that the end is near unless they change something in their own power to change.

People now want to have sex until they die and be attractive to be desired until they die. Life never looked more promising for this to be the reality as it is now.

The self-help section of books is ever-growing and looking for the source of illness is at the front lines for those that are taking their wellbeing into their own hand by changing habits, believes from the newly acquired information.

Health care is changing to accommodate preventive measures as part of the reward program in some states. Finding that preventing actions yield avoidance of recurring problems.

In the old days, Chinese doctors would be paid by the patient for keeping them healthy and stopped paying when they got sick under their watchful eyes and advice. Maybe we are turning to this too with so preventive benefits of vitamins, massages that improve circulation in the body prompting toxins to depart and not linger.

One thing is certain we are going back to recognizing that synthetics and disconnect from our natural clock hurt us and not heal nor keep us from getting sick.

This is a very organic and individual movement we are observing solely promoted by the desire for better health and happier life until the last breath we take.

Herbal remedies, many different schools of diets and vitamin supplements are leading the headlines in the news. Seminars and retreats teaching individuals how to reconnect with nature and its benefits are most desired topics and searches online. Meditation is no longer for yogis but for CEO’s and presidents to lead with a cool and composed mind.

We are now in the era of self-empowerment from shared information on research and personal stories.

The actions people take are led by choices not limitations, after all, we are managers of our lives.

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