by Viktoriia Parubets

ASYMMETRIC EARRRINGS – We have been wearing the same pearl, diamond, silver, gold earrings in both ears for years now. Isn’t it time to change things up? The days when one earring gets lost and a grey cloud falls over your plans for the perfect outfit are over! Diss-match your earrings with either a stud and a drop earring, or two drop earrings of different lengths, and so on. Asymmetric earrings are spotted to be one of the trendiest accessories of the year. The girls rocked the look on the Luis Vuitton runway.
Lope Jewelry Asymmetric Citrine Earrings; $727;

CHOKERS – Brining back that tight grip around the neck, chokers in different colors, minerals, metals, and even plastic weavings have given no way to other accessories. With great popularity DKNY, Balmain, Chanel, Christian Dior, and Givenchy are amongst some of the luxurious designer brands that featured the chokers as great statement jewelry pieces. If you think that the 90’s are haunting you again, then they definitely are. Other than being one of the most stylish accessories on the runway, chokers are one of the most favorite buys for the upcoming festivals.
Topshop Angled Stone Choker; $32;

LAYERS OF DANGLE – Layering does not only refer to clothing, but it plays a great role in jewelry and especially necklaces. This trend gives room for your creativity. If there are a couple necklaces that have been uselessly laying around in your jewelry box, then this is the time to make them shine. Mix n’ match different necklaces with either different length starting with a choker then a bar necklace, and then a drop pendant to create the layered look.
Baublebar Ice Tag Layered Pendant; $42;

MEDIEVAL AGES – Taking way past the chokers, the times of Renaissance and Medieval Ages are back, and with a richer and more vibrant colorpalette. Crosses with embellishments and earrings with blood reds, emerald greens, and royal blues are back to seduce us. These winning pieces were spotted on the runway of many designers and some include: Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Givenchy, Bottega Veneta.
Dolce & Gabbana Beaded Hoop Earrings; $1,540;

LEATHER’S THE CHARM – Leather bracelets this season have taken their turn to shine. Usually, leather brought a tough look to the brave soul who wore it, but now, it it has become extremely versatile. Leather that comes in light shades of white or pink, give a strong yet feminine touch, and darker shades will always give that Badgirl-RiRi look. This year is all about secrecy and charm so designers decided to add little charms and glimpses of other material as a touch to the all time favorite leathers.
Alexander McQueen
Alexander McQueen Metallic Leather & Chain Skull Charm Bracelet; $435;

RINGS, ON RINGS, ON RINGS – Wearing a casual outfit and don’t know how to spice it up a bit? Not a problem. The year 2015 officially marks the stacking of rings to solve any difficulties. A heartbeat road of rings on almost very finger varying in sizes and levels look absolutely stunning (a fresh manicure wouldn’t hurt either). From simple golds to silvers, to plastics and metals stacking rings brings the fun to any outfit.
Diane Von Furstenberg Eden Rock Amber Stacked Ring Set 4; $118;

MINERALIZE – Speaking of festival season, jewelry that has minerals incorporated into it, is the perfect accessory for the scene. Rock textures and bright colors that nature makes are beautiful pieces that can be worn in simple elegance as well as an addition to a Coachella outfit.
Quadrum Teardrop Moonstone Necklace; $1,120;

BANGLES – These friendly accessories called bangles for some were the favorites during their middle-school years, but now, they have taken charge of the fashion industry and shine brighter than the stars on the runway. Part of why they shine so bright is because there are so many of them! Layering is no secret to the trend this year and bangles are no exception. Just check out the wrists of girls on the Chanel runway. Either short sleeve, a three-quarter or a long sleeve, these hoops of joy will definitely inspire you to put together a clean outfit. Also, this arm candy does not only have to be of heavy metals, but also beautiful woods, and some even with fringes.
Ashley Pittman Nuru Set of Five Horn & Gold-Tone Bangles; $445;