On Thursday, October 24th, Valentino and Carolos Souza hosted a book signing for Ken Fulk’s new book, Mr. Ken Fulk’s Magical World. The book signing was located at the San Francisco Valentino Boutique where after the guests proceeded to dinner at Wayfare Tavern.

Notable attendees were Mr. Fulk, Carlos Souza, Alexis and Trevor Traina, Roman and Jennifer Coppola, Julia Hartz (CEO of Event-Brite), Vanessa Getty, Denise Hale, Anne Sophie Deneve, Katie and Todd Traina, Sloan Barnett, Dr. Carolyn Chang, Alison Pincus, Jeff and Laura Ubbin, Victoire Reynal, Britt and Justin Pattner, Jacquline Sacks, Barbara Brown as well as Carol and Shelby Bonnie.

Photos by Drew Altizer