Photos: Franziska Krug/Getty Images

Berlin, 14 March 2015 –The glamorous “Spirit of Istanbul” will be staged for the third time in the “Station” in Berlin Kreuzberg on the evening of Saturday, 14 March 2015. This cosmopolitan capital will host the cheerful German-Turkish festival where culinary pleasure and cultural translation are valued most. Stars such as the bands Jupiter Jones and Balkanoid will receive the 6,000 anticipated guests while the well-known presenter and TV starlet Gülcan Kamps will attribute the evening an exuberant touch. Gourmet chef Ali Güngörmüs will look in on the event too. “We are presenting the Spirit of Istanbul event to the city of Berlin with Yeni Rakı”, claims Galip Yorgancıoğlu, Managing Director of Diageo Turkey. “We hope that as many people as possible can familiarise themselves with the modernity and internationality offered by the city of Istanbul.”

With free admission, guests will experience the band Jupiter Jones whose breakthrough came in 2011 with “Still” for which they were awarded an Echo. In fact, the song was the one most played on German radio in April 2011. A few months ago, they came second at the Bundesvision Song Contest with “Plötzlich hält die Welt an”. The Istanbul-based group Baba Zula creates a sound all their own called İstanbul fusion, by mixing oriental intstruments such as the darbuka, electric saz and spoons with electric and modern sounds. The third act to perform is the Hamburg-based Balkan band Balkanoid presenting exotic Balkan beats along with DJ Robert Soko. Last but not least the comedian Murat Topal with turkish roots will entertain the guests with his showprogramm.

Guests will be able to enjoy delicious warm and cold starters (Mezze) served with warm Turkish bread – and all for a nominal price of between 2 and 5 Euro per Mezze. It goes without saying that all glasses will contain Yeni Raki, the aniseed drink generally known as “Löwenmilch”, which fits well with Mezze and meals when diluted with water.

In the press area, gourmet chef Ali Güngörmüs will be whipping up a typical Yeni Raki 3-course meal at a live cookery station together with the caterer Panem et Salis. Furthermore he will show his ability during a separate show cooking hour. This master chef with Turkish roots runs Le Canard in Hamburg and Pageou which just opened in Munich in November. Delicious food in good company is very important to the Spirit of Istanbul Festival. After all, that’s what enjoying Yeni Raki is all about: getting together to consciously experience the here and now and take a moment to enjoy life – in line with the Yeni Raki claim of “Unrush your world”.

The organisers are particularly pleased by this cooperation with gourmet chef Ali Güngörmüs. “We are delighted to have Ali Güngörmüs once more for the Spirit of Istanbul event. As a German gourmet chef of Turkish origin, he is the obvious choice for participating in the event as a special guest”, claims Dr Tina Ingwersen-Matthiesen, Managing Director of BORCO-MARKEN-IMPORT. BORCO distributes Yeni Raki in Germany. At international level, Yeni Raki holds 17th place among the spirit brands and is the number 1 aniseed spirit*.

Apart from live cooking and a stage show, the area spanning 5,000 square metres also includes various lounges, a marketplace for street food, bars and shops. One spectacular feature is represented by two tables set for 500 people that wind through the hall like tuning forks and that are shaped like Raki bottles.