Photos:Owen Hoffmann/

New York, NY March 4 2015 – Elisabeth Thieriot, Publisher of FSHN, mesmerized the room when she spoke about the importance of seasonal living and lovingly reflected over the interrelationships between her new skin care line Replete, her documentary about the Mayans and her inspirational, coveted new book Fabulous at Any Age. We must say “coveted,” as one book was stolen from the party! Among those who attended were Dimitri of Yugoslavia, Barbara de Portago, Carmen Marc Valvo, Geoffrey Bradfield, Roric Tobin, Liliana Cavendish, Victor dE Souza, Maggie Norris, Rita Cosby & Tomaczek Bednarek, David Lawrence, Joan Jedell, Michelle Gerber Klein, Nicole Noonan, Barbara Regna, Tracy Stern, Pilar Rossi, Randi Schatz, Cassandra Seidenfeld, Jane Pontarelli, Matthew Kinball, Rafael Feldman, Ghislaine Absy, Robin Cofer, Adele Nino, Michael Travin and Gina Heissler.