January 28, 2015 — In New York. The Christofle presents Art of the  Table Event: A Celebration of Entertaining and Life’s Silver Moments.

Classy, convivial, enlightening: A Downtown Abbey-inspired evening enchanted guests at the exclusive Christofle dinner party, hosted byfounder and CEO of Tea & Company, artisanal tea goddess Tracy Stern. Along with mentioning the various kinds of teas, Ms. Stern also highlighted the hostess’ customary role of handling all the pouring.

In the spirit of the thematic occasion, Christofle’s National Brand Ambassador Justin Trabert guided guests through current entertaining styles and historical dining etiquette. Shedding light on proper table settings, Mr. Trabert revealed the original reason why the dinner knife-edge must be turned inward facing the plate: this politely removes the threat of the blade for the person sitting to your right.Intrigued, guests also learned that table cloths traditionally consisted of multiple layers and served as napkins years ago, to be removed one by one after every course of the meal.

Special attendees included Barbara Regna, Consuelo Costin, Randi Schatz, Lauren Lawrence, Maggie Norris, Michelle Gerber Klein, Nicole Noonan, Tana Chung, Paola Bacchini, Susan Shin, and Cassandra Seidenfeld.

What a truly delightful and tea-rific evening by all accounts!

Photos :   BFA NYC

Writer: Lauren Lawrence