Photos by Drew Altizer Photography

Burberry celebrated the reopening of its flagship store on Post Street in San Francisco tonight with an event hosted by Sloan and Roger Barnett, Kate Harbin and Adam Clammer, Vanessa and Billy Getty, Kathryn and Bo Lasater, Jacqueline and David Sacks, and Alexis and Trevor Traina. 
The event was attended by over 120 guests, including hosts Sloan Barnett wearing Burberry, Roger Barnett, Kate Harbin wearing Burberry, Vanessa Getty wearing Burberry, Kathryn Lasater wearing Burberry, Jacqueline Sacks wearing Burberry, David Sacks wearing Burberry, as well as Katie Traina, Todd Traina, Douglas Friedman wearing Burberry, Scott and Amy Dadich, Denise Hale, Ken Fulk, Carol and Shelby Bonnie, Vandy Boudreau, Colin Bailey, Andrea Zola, Lana Adair, Deepa Pakianathan, Jenna Hunt, Sobia Shaikh, Marybeth Shimmon, Rebecca Miller, Michael Purdy, Stephanie Sutherland, OJ Shansby, Punch Hutton, and Krista Smith. DJ Zen Freeman performed a live set.

The newly refurbished store is set over four floors in a historic 20th century townhouse, and reflects the brand’s global architectural design concept developed by Burberry Chief Creative and Chief Executive Officer Christopher Bailey.