Photos: David M. Benett

Tuesday Dec 3rd 2013: Fashion Fringe celebrates its 10th Anniversary with a glamorous party recognising a decade of success! It was ten years of design passion and heartfelt artistry that set the foundations
of the anniversary event

Fashion’s biggest names were at the London Film Museum in Covent Garden celebrating Colin McDowell, IMG Fashion, and all of those involved in making Fashion Fringe a groundbreaking success. Britain’s premiere fashion program celebrated its 10th anniversary, paying tribute to the very best of the past years and the accomplishments of participating designers through an interactive exhibition using the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. The highlight of the evening was the unveiling of a bespoke look by each of the past Fashion Fringe winners: BASSO & BROOKE, ERDEM, GAVIN DOUGLAS, AMINKA WILMONT, EUN JEONG, JENA.THEO, CORRIE NIELSEN, FYODOR GOLAN, and HAIZHEN WANG. Each piece was made exclusively for the event, capturing the essence of
their brands.

The evening was kicked off with an inspiring speech by founder and
creative director Colin McDowell on the success of this unique programme in repositioning London as the hub for creative expression. In addition,McDowell lauded the program for contributing greatly to the British fashion landscape by encouraging and promoting small business

Colin McDowell remarked, “This is a very exciting moment for the
followers of British fashion. I look back ten years and I remember a
fashion city in disarray. My solution—which, happily, has worked—was
to look at why it is in such a state. The main reason was far too many
young designers were going out of business or going out of the country to earn a living in Milan or New York. I firmly believe that Fashion Fringe played a vital role in turning that around.” “It has been an honor to chair Fashion Fringe, which has played such an important role in supporting the incredible, emerging, creative talent here in the UK. Tonight was a wonderful moment to celebrate the achievements of all those who have participated over the last ten years. Together, they have created an incredible body of work, and I am excited to see what the next chapter will bring,” said Christopher Bailey, CCO, Burberry.

During the event, guests enjoyed a retrospective look at the past
winners’ collections accompanied by musical performances from upand-
coming musical duo Giorgi & Leo. Guests also indulged in cuisine from the hot new Covent Garden restaurant Sticks ‘n’ Sushi. As the evening concluded, guests continued to commemorate the success of Fashion Fringe and exclaimed their anticipations for the next exciting phase for British fashion. Colin McDowell and IMG Fashion will continue an ongoing conversation with the industry to devise a platform that best serves its ever-evolving needs with a focus on global fashion education. IMG Fashion’s mission is to continue to act as an industry conduit, opening the gateway to style, innovation, and trends.

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